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Jul 26, 2011
Environmental Solutions blog

Sodimate, Inc, facilitates Coal Fire Plants and Waste to Energy Plants in meeting the stringent environmental solutions imposed by the EPA via the processes of Flue Gas Treatment (FGT), Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD), heavy metal pollutants control, Soda ash flue gas cleaning, Trona or urea storage, Mercury control (NOx removal with PAC injection system), and Biomass Storage and feed systems.

Flue Gas Treatment consists mainly of sulphur dioxide removal. Secondary processing includes that of hydrogen chloride (HCl), and sulphur trioxide (SO3). Heavy metal particles, like mercury, are removed using Powder Activated Carbon (PAC). Each of these processes is executed using soda ash, which when exposed to the acidic gases, creates a dry material which can then be separated and removed.