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Jul 21, 2011
Bulk Handling Systems Blog

Over thirty years of excellence in the engineering, manufacturing, installing, and servicing of bulk handling systems defines Sodimate. Sodimate’s systems have been installed in key municipal and industrial sites across Europe, North America, and the world. From water treatment in Paris to chemical handling in the Gulf, Sodimate’s advanced systems reliably and cost-effectively meet the needs of public and private projects. From handling bulk powders and grains in the industrial bakeries of America’s heartland, to cleaning air pollutants from coal-burning plants to comply with environmental regulations, Sodimate’s bulk handling systems serve the facilities’ needs with maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance cost.

Sodimate’s competitive advantage is three-fold:

    • Sodimate’s innovative 3-in-1 solution allows for the entire process of storing, releasing, and transporting bulk material to be handled within one seamless system. Sodimate’s engineers design all of our equipment to make one complete system. This larger system approach enables our engineers to make design choices at each step of the process to maximize compatibility and efficiency with the other steps.
    • The maintenance cost and down-time for our systems is minimal compared to systems that are pieced together from multiple manufacturers.
    • By relying on a single supplier, customers can rest assured that from the engineering to the manufacturing to the installation and servicing, one integrated and unified team will ensure a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Sodimate’s specializations extends far beyond its origins in waste treatment and wastewater treatment, and offers environmental solutions for waste-to-energy plants, coal-fired plants, and the glass and steel industries. Environmental compliance is increasingly difficult with new stringent regulations that are being rolled-out across this decade. To meet these needs, Sodimate offers, flue gas treatment systems to removal acidic gases and heavy metals, and a multitude of other cost-effective solutions.