Screw Conveyors Know it All

Screw Conveyors – Know it All

The screw conveyor is also called an industrial screw system or auger conveyor. It can be used for different industries. Let’s see in this, know it all about screw conveyors blog, what they are and where can they be used. What is a Screw Conveyor? A screw conveyor is a system designed to ease the…

Dry chemical handling specialist

Sodimate at the 2017 WefTec Show in Chicago

The SODIMATE team was delighted to welcome you on our booth during WEFTEC 2017! The discussions we had were very interesting and we sincerely hope to work with you on future projects. Sodimate has a mission to assist you on your dry chemicals handling needs thanks to a dedicated methodology, engineering and a revolutionary mechanical discharging…

Industrial sludge liming using quicklime

Sodimate engineered a complete sludge liming system for a potato producer in Belgium called MYDIBEL The system features: A 2,500 cubic feet capacity storage silo fixed on beams with specific custom made anchors View of the silo   An arch breaker ZCD 400 / DDMR 40 type allowing a lime feed rate ranging from 220…

petroleum coke silo unloader and feeder

Petroleum coke silo unloader and feeder

The engineering firm designed and engineered all aspects of the brick plant’s automated production process, from the raw material delivery, storage, and grinding systems to the computerized supervisory control system that monitors and manages brick production.